March 2016

Thinking about implants?

Losing your teeth can be a very difficult process – not just in terms of the physical problems involved, but also emotionally. Of course, here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, a good deal of our time is devoted to trying to help you to keep your teeth for as long as possible, but inevitably Read More

Protect your children’s teeth this Easter

Sometimes it feels like barely a month goes by without yet another holiday that passes as an excuse to stuff our faces with sweet treats, and March is no exception. In fact, this month contains probably the worst of all the public holidays when it comes to dental health: Easter. Somewhere along the line, the Read More

Gum disease – how does it happen?

Gingivitis is the medical term for gum disease, and it literally means inflammation of the gums. You might be suffering from gingivitis if you have any of the following symptoms: Red gums Sore gums Bad breath Bleeding gums Receding gums Gingivitis is a common problem, which we see most days here at CK Dental practice Read More

Could humans regrow our teeth?

New research from a team at the University of Sheffield has shown that humans possess the same gene network that is present in sharks, allowing them to regrow several sets of teeth throughout their lives. Currently, of course, humans only grow two sets of teeth – milk teeth and adult teeth – but the Sheffield Read More

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