July 2016

Dental care during pregnancy

It goes without saying that pregnancy is one of the most stressful times of a woman’s life, with all manner of changes and accommodations occurring to her body. And while dental treatment is obviously going to be lower on your list of priorities than usual, the team from CK Dental Practice in Bristol feel there Read More

Do teeth-whitening hacks actually work?

We’re all more concerned about keeping our teeth as gleaming as possible these days; like most practitioners, CK Dental practice in Bristol provides a teeth-whitening service. And there are an ever-increasing range of products available over the counter. But is it possible to bypass all that and create a homemade solution? You’d certainly think that Read More

There’s no holiday for tooth decay

The school holidays are here, and those with kids probably have enough on their plate already. But with the possible exception of December, this time of year can be the most problematic for your children’s’ dental health, with more snacking, lax dental care and cold, fizzy distractions. Bristol’s CK Dental Practice offers the following tips Read More

Dental emergencies on holiday: what you need to know

Holiday season may be in full swing, but there’s no rest period for dental emergencies – and there nothing worse than developing one during your time off, especially when you’re abroad. Here are a few things the team from CK Dental Practice in Bristol believe you should be aware of… Does your travel cover include Read More

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