September 2016

Are you brushing your teeth with microbeads?

We’re all aware of the introduction of microbeads – tiny balls of plastic smaller than a grain of sand – to the exfoliating products we use. We’re also equally aware of their drawbacks – how they end up in the oceans, sucking up toxins and eventually ending up ending up in the bellies of fish Read More

Which mouthwash should I use?

There’s an ever-expanding and bewildering array of mouthwashes on the shelves nowadays, and they all make different claims. Here at CK Dental in Bristol, we receive a lot of enquires about the gargly stuff, so here’s a few things you need to know… Therapeutic v cosmetic mouthwash Mouthwashes fall into two categories. Cosmetic mouthwash (which Read More

Electric toothbrushes – are they worth it?

According to a recent survey conducted by the Oral Health Foundation, one in four Britons believe that electric toothbrushes are for the lazy, which came as an enormous surprise to us here at CK Dental practice in Bristol. So let’s lay out a few comparisons between the electric toothbrush and good old elbow grease and Read More

The end of flossing?

It’s been a part of the ‘proper’ dental care regime for decades now, and promoted as the one treatment that can get your teeth and breath truly clean. But the reputation of flossing has taken a battering of late with the introduction of interdental brushing – and according to recent studies, certain experts are predicting Read More

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