November 2016

Is your child ready for an electric toothbrush?

They used to be perceived as luxury items, but time and technology has reduced the price of electric toothbrushes. Nowadays, an estimated 40% of all toothbrushes sold are of the electric variety – be they rechargeable or battery-powered – and a lot of them are aimed at kids. But are they the right choice for Read More

The best – and worst – Christmas treats for teeth

We’re not far from the opening of the first window of the advent calendar now, so it’s as good a time as any to talk about what you’ll be putting into your mouth a bit more than usual at this time of year. We all let our diets fall by the wayside over Christmas – Read More

Sensitive toothpastes – a users guide

There’s a bewildering selection of toothpastes on offer nowadays, and the waters have been muddied somewhat by the rise of ‘sensitive’ toothpastes. Not necessarily by their claims to take the edge off pain, though: here at CK Dental in Bristol, we find them to be very effective. However, not everyone knows if they actually need Read More

Is fear of the dentist genetic?

We may be far removed from the experiences of yesteryear, but there’s still a lingering terror amongst certain people of the dentists. Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we were alarmed to read this recent news story, which claims that up to thirty patients per day are ducking out of vital appointments at the Read More

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