December 2016

How to choose your dentist

If you’re not registered with a dentist then you risk neglecting your teeth and storing up big problems for future of your mouth, teeth and gums. We book our cars in for regular MOTs, and the same principle applies for our teeth – they need to be regularly checked to ensure they are healthy, clean Read More

Dental treatment during pregnancy

If you have discovered that you are expecting a child then there are many changes to your body that take effect over the course of your pregnancy and in the weeks and months following the birth. Understanding these changes is a key factor in terms of managing them, and not many women are aware that Read More

Dental emergency – what to do when trouble strikes

If we suspect we have broken a bone, have been in an accident or are feeling very unwell, everyone knows that it’s either a trip to A&E or a telephone call to 111. A medical professional will assess the problem and you’ll be able to get the required treatment quickly. But what do you do Read More

Best approach for treating and avoiding gum disease

Gum disease isn’t pleasant and it can result in some rather unfortunate side effects too. If you have ever suffered from gum disease, or “gingivitis” (the medical name for this) then you’ll know that it can cause bleeding gums, red or inflamed gums, receding gums and also bad breath. Help starts at home With many Read More

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