Teeth Whitening in Bristol

Teeth whitening in Bristol is carried out as a night-time treatment over a period of about two weeks. The results are predictable and the whitening effect typically lasts one to two years. It can be topped up to maximum whiteness over just a couple of nights and the cost of repeat treatments is minimal.

We find that tooth whitening is becoming more and more popular as people become image aware and can see the dramatic changes that can be made to your smile in a short period of time.


Can tooth whitening harm my teeth?

This whitening technique has been in use for over 10 years. Millions of people have had this treatment and serious or long lasting problems are extremely rare.

Will I experience any side effects?

Occasionally patients experience a temporary sensitivity to hot and cold during the first few days, but this does not last.

Will my teeth whiten evenly?

In some cases, the edges of the teeth whiten more quickly, because the enamel is thinner. Continue to use the whitening system and the rest of the tooth will usually whiten to the same shade. The whitening process does not change the colour of crowns or existing tooth coloured fillings.

Can I whiten my teeth if I am pregnant or feeding a baby?

Tooth whitening has not been tested on pregnant women and is therefore not recommended during pregnancy or if breast feeding

Does tooth whitening affect calcium levels in my teeth?

No, the whitening agent is non acidic and does not remove calcium from the teeth.

Clinical Elegance Through Technical Excellence

Enlighten Research Labs is the technology leader in professional teeth whitening. We only introduce a new system to the market if it represents a generational leap in effectiveness and always back our products with professional training in clinical and management techniques.

By devoting a significant portion of resources to research and development Enlighten seeks to develop proprietary technology and a sustainable advantage for all of our stakeholders and the economy at large.

Enlighten also distributes exceptional products for cosmetic dentistry, dental practice marketing and hosts educational events for dental professionals.

State-of-the-art products explains only part of our success; the rest is due to the passion and motivation of our people and the outstanding continuing support of our customers.



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