smileHere at CK Dental practice in Bristol, our patients sometimes ask us some weird and wonderful questions about teeth. There are a few that pop up time and time again though, so here’s a round-up of some of the teeth-related questions we get asked most frequently, and the answers we give.

1. Why is sugar bad for your teeth?

This is an easy one. When it hits your teeth, sugar acts like an acid, eating away at the enamel that protects the teeth and eventually causing cavities and tooth decay.

While it is probably unreasonable to expect people to eat a completely sugar-free diet, it is best to limit the amount of sugar that you consume, as well as to drink plenty of water when you do eat something sugary, to help wash the sugars away from your teeth. And, of course, brush your teeth regularly.

2. Why do we have baby teeth?

Baby teeth are there to prepare our mouths for adulthood. Teeth are essential for speech and language development, as well as to help us learn to eat properly, but fully-fledged adult teeth wouldn’t fit in the jaws of a baby or toddler. Baby teeth tend to fall out from around the age of six, making way for the adult teeth to grow in their place.

It is important to teach your child good dental health habits right from the start, as not only will this set them in good stead for when their permanent teeth come through, but poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease even in children.

3. Do I still need to brush even if I wear dentures?

Yes, absolutely. It is important to keep the dentures themselves clean – this can be done through a combination of soaking them overnight in water with a denture care tablet, and using a soft brush to clean between the “teeth”.

In fact, it is even more important to brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly if you wear dentures than if you don’t, as food can easily become trapped between the dentures and the natural teeth, leading to plaque build-up.

child teethTeeth play a major role in your child’s first year or two of life, causing sleepless nights for the whole family every time a new one comes through. But although your child’s teeth are often at the forefront of your mind during this time, most parents are unsure about when they should start to think about taking their child to the dentist.

Most dentists recommend that you start taking a child to the dentist within around six months of the arrival of his/her first tooth. This is as much to allow the child to get used to the idea of coming to the dentist as for the sake of their oral health, but it is also a very good idea to instill a good dental health regime from the very beginning of life.

Isn’t it quite scary for a toddler to go to the dentist?

Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we pride ourselves on offering gentle dentistry for all the family. We are experienced at dealing with dentalphobic patients, and we draw from that experience when dealing with young children.

No one expects a one-year-old to dutifully open their mouth on request and allow a stranger to go prodding around in their gums, but it is worthwhile to normalise the idea of the dentist at an early stage. Here in our Bristol clinic we do everything in our power to ensure that children feel comfortable and relaxed.

What happens at that first check-up?

That all depends on the child. Many young children refuse to open their mouth at all, and if that’s the case it’s no problem – just bring them again in a month or two’s time. If they do let us have a look inside, the dentist will count their teeth and examine their condition, giving you – the parent – a few pointers on how best to brush their teeth at the same time.

If you’re thinking of taking your toddler to the dentist, why not give the team here at CK Dental a call…

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