Private dental treatment in Bristol costs can vary widely from practice to practice and is totally dependent on the work that has been recommended, as the cost is based on the time spent in surgery, the complexity of work involved, the materials used and the level of sedation that is necessary.

Here at CK Dental in Bristol, no unnecessary dental work is ever recommended. We understand that it can often seem very expensive, so we discuss all your options thoroughly at your consultation and explain clearly the level of necessity and implications of delaying dental work.

We provide you with a full and complete estimation of the costs in a written treatment plan and this is agreed with you before you go ahead with treatment. To assist patients further we have just signed up to a interest free payment plan, provided by Carefree Credit.

Why should you take advantage of this dental payment plan?

Carefree Credit is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and act in accordance with their rules to ensure responsible lending and good practice.

The process is very simple; a quick online application which takes around three minutes and the decision is instant. Carefree Credit offer an interest free payment option that can be paid over 12 months. Alternatively, there is a low cost payment option that can be spread out over 24 or 36 months.

There is no waiting round or need to delay dental treatment – as soon as the application is approved, your Bristol dental practice is emailed so we know that we can start dental treatment immediately.

Why do we believe in this dental payment plan?

We are a leading Bristol dental surgery because of the quality of our highly trained staff and the gold standard equipment and materials we offer, all of which are very costly. Signing up to a payment plan such as Carefree Credit allows us focus on what we do best; providing the very highest level of service to you, the patient.

If you are interested in learning more about this dental payment plan, give us a call and one of the team can talk you through it and send you a link for the online application.

Dentist with free parking in Bristol at the Nuffield hospital in Clifton for your routine dental care

These days, people use the word ‘routine’ to mean dull, but the team here at CK Dental in Bristol knows that routine dentist appointments can save everyone a lot of time, money and most of all pain.

How often should I visit the dentist?

This varies from person to person – some of our Bristol patients need check-ups as frequently as every three months, others can get away with popping in once every year or two – but you can’t make that call yourself.

How frequently you need to see the dentist depends on your general oral health, and the only person who can assess that is your dentist. Brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding sugary foods are all good practice, but they can’t provide any guarantee of good teeth and gum health. Generally we advise that you visit our Bristol clinic for a check-up every six months, to ensure that nothing gets missed and that any problems get nipped in the bud before they escalate.

What will the dentist do at my check-up?

At a routine examination, your Bristol dentist will examine your teeth and gums, ask questions about your oral hygiene routine and eating habits, and offer advice on how to maintain good oral health.

A dental check-up can not only help you avoid the inconvenience of fillings, crowns and other expensive dental work, but can also detect serious gum disease and mouth cancer at an early stage, which can make it much easier to treat.

How is that different from a hygiene appointment?

Dental hygienists perform preventative work, so they will give your teeth a thorough clean – often known as a ‘scale and polish’, and give you advice on how to avoid plaque. This is really important as a top-up to whatever you are doing at home – it is very difficult to achieve such a thorough clean yourself.

If you’re not sure when you last had a routine dental examination, give our Bristol clinic a call now to make an appointment.

Dental phobic patients are welcome in our state of the art dental practice.

We offer numerous solutions to conquer fear and get you the smile you always wanted or just simply get you out of the trap.

Dental phobia is a very real and debilitating fear, often triggered by a traumatic experience. Unlike dental fear, which is usually expressed through anxiety, dental phobia can seriously affect quality of life.

Beat the fear

Here at CK Dental in Bristol, we wanted to be able to offer dental phobic patients a way to not only receive painless, stress-free dental treatment, but to actually overcome their fear.

Many dentists don’t understand dental phobia, or confuse it with dental fear, which means they don’t give dental phobic patients the special care and attention they need. Here at CK Dental, Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause has a lot of experience of dental phobic patients and the whole team is practised at putting nervous patients at ease.

One of the ways we do this is to provide a calm environment, to talk to you about your fears, and to explain thoroughly what the treatment involves, letting you know that we understand and empathise with your phobia. Another way is to offer sedation for dental treatments.


Here at our Bristol clinic, dental phobic patients are offered conscious sedation to control the pain of any dentistry work. Also known as ‘twilight sedation’, conscious sedation means keeping you in a semi-conscious state, so you are relaxed and pain free throughout the procedure.

The medication is administered by our resident consultant anaesthetist, either orally or via an IV drip, and the anaesthetist will then be present throughout the procedure. Because recovery from conscious sedation is quick, most patients are able to return home soon after the procedure, although we do recommend that a friend or relative accompanies you.

Don’t look back

One real advantage of conscious sedation for dental phobic patients is that they often do not remember the procedure clearly, if at all, so they are less likely to be anxious in future. This, combined with our overall calm and open approach, can mean that dental phobia is a thing of the past.

Dental implants in Bristol at CK Dental, we find that patients are often confused about why they should choose dental implants over other – often cheaper – options to replace missing teeth. Of course, whichever method you choose is up to the individual, but we’ve decided to outline some of the advantages that dental implants hold over other treatments.

Dental implants protect your healthy teeth

While bridges can cause damage to the surrounding, healthy teeth, as you need to grind away at them to fit the bridge into the gap, dental implants are fitted into the root where the missing tooth was, so there is no impact on your other teeth.

You don’t need to make any changes to your life

While dentures can make it difficult to eat certain foods, implants behave just like your natural teeth. This also means you won’t experience any of the difficulty in pronouncing particular words that many patients suffer from in the first few weeks of wearing dentures, while they get used to the feel of the dentures in their mouth. And one major advantage is that dental implants stay in your mouth at night, so you don’t have to keep your teeth in a glass next to the bed!

Implants are predictable and built to last

Dental bridges only last for between five and seven years, whereas implants – when properly cared for – should last a lifetime. Dental implants have a long track record of reliable, long-term successful outcomes.

Second only to your natural teeth

While of course a natural, healthy smile is the ideal, dental implants really are the next best thing – they look and feel just like natural teeth, and there is no possibility of cavities. That said, you do still need to pay regular visits to the dentist.

Here at CK Dental, Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause works with a leading European maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that our dental implant treatment is the best it can be. For more information, click here.

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