cracked teeth

Since reopening their doors, dentists have started to see a rise in cracked teeth. This is being put down to the stress caused by COVID. It is one of several physical ailments thought to be caused by the stress of the pandemic. Here, we’ll look at the rise in cracked teeth and how patients can […]

Teeth whitening

It seems that many of us have been trying to do it ourselves when it comes to cosmetic dental treatments through lockdown – after writing about the dangers of DIY braces, there is now worrying evidence of TikTok users turning to what could be an extremely dangerous beauty trend. One trend in particular which is […]

danger of DIY braces

These days, you can find information and tutorials online for practically anything you want to learn. Unsurprisingly, DIY beauty tutorials and videos are particularly popular. The trouble is, while some DIY tips can prove invaluable, others are downright dangerous. One beauty trend which dentists are warning against is DIY braces. Teens across social media have […]

New Dental Nurse at Bristol Dental Practice

We are delighted to welcome a new dental nurse at CK Dental. Adelaide Errett has recently joined our team at CK Dental after gaining four years’ experience as a dental nurse. She particularly enjoys cosmetic dental work and giving patients the smile they desire. She also enjoys assisting the team with oral surgery cases. At CK […]

dental anxiety treatment Bristol

At CK Dental, patients can benefit from the latest technology, combined with Cornelius’ calm and gentle approach and vast experience in treating dental phobic patients. Here Cornelius discusses how he deals with dental anxiety. How do you approach dental phobia? Cornelius: Every patient at CK Dental is treated as an individual and we try to […]

Looking after teeth in lockdown

Although dental practices are now able to start seeing patients, the restrictions in place mean that many of you may still have to wait to see a dentist. So, while you’re hanging on in there until your next hygiene appointment, here are just some of the ways you can look after your teeth during lockdown: […]

Associate Dentist at Bristol Dental Practice

We are delighted to welcome Dr Emma Langridge as our new Associate Dentist at our Bristol dental practice. Emma has a great passion for ethically-based, minimally invasive dentistry, providing bespoke treatment plans to suit each individual patient. She is a big believer that all her patients should be able to smile with confidence and will […]

Invisalign FAQs

When many of us think of teeth straightening our minds probably cast back to the train track braces that we were given at school. There were functional – they did the job, but they would never win any awards for beauty or subtlety. So, what happens if you didn’t opt for teeth straightening as a […]

dental treatment under general anaesthesia

Dental anxiety means more than just being a bit nervous about visiting the dentist. It can have a profound impact on your oral health and overall wellbeing. Recently, a leading UK dental law firm conducted a large-scale survey into the problem of dental anxiety. Ninety-one per cent of those surveyed found they had experienced some […]

dental anxiety treatments

If you have reservations about visiting the dentist then you are not alone, this is more common than you might think. Many of us are nervous about visiting a dental environment, which can present itself as fear, stress or general anxiety. For some, this nervousness can mean that we put off visiting or find excuses […]