Adult train track braces


adult braces adviceMany of us underwent orthodontic dental treatment while at school to straighten adult teeth as they came through. Whether this was in the form of a removable brace or the fixed ‘train track’ braces, this will have been done under the watchful eye of parents, who will have ensured that our teeth were being cleaned sufficiently our braces were kept in good nick.

Teeth actually continue to move throughout our adult lives, so more and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment later in life. If, like many others, you have chosen fixed braces as an adult, CK Dental has put together a handy hints and tips list of what you need to know about ensuing a good dental routine while the braces are in place.

Our Adult Braces Advice: 1. Take your time

It is naturally more challenging to clean your teeth with fixed braces in place, so be prepared to take a bit more time and effort with the process.

Our Adult Braces Advice: 2. Use the right tools for the job

It is recommended that you use special toothbrushes that are designed for cleaning around the fixed brace attachments. Your normal toothbrush (whether this is manual or electric) is not designed for squeezing between the fixings. It and may cause damage to the brace, or more likely, gaps where you have not been able to clean sufficiently. Most larger dentists and chemists will sell these special toothbrushes, which come with a smaller head and softer bristles, so they do not damage the glue that adheres the brace to the teeth.

Our Adult Braces Advice: 3. Brush more frequently

It is advised that you brush your teeth after every meal, as fixed braces attract small pieces of food that should be removed as quickly as possible. Although the recommended guidelines for ‘normal’ teeth suggest brushing twice per day is enough, once you have got into the habit of brushing after every meal, keeping this habit going after your braces have been removed is not a bad idea at all.

Our Adult Braces Advice: 4. Use mouthwash (if you’re not already doing so)

Using a mouthwash at least once a day is a sensible addition to your daily routine, as this will ensure that nasty bacteria that forms around your teeth, gums and fixed brace are kept at bay.  Mouthwash is also great at helping to prevent plaque, which can be more of an issue for those of us with a fixed brace.