Associate Dentist Dr Chris Chucas joins CK Dental

Associate Dentist Chris

We’d like to introduce our new Associate Dentist, Dr Chris Chucas, who recently joined our growing Bristol team. As well as being a highly skilled dentist, particularly in oral surgery (the removal of teeth), Chris is qualified to do treatments under sedation and is a clinical lecturer at Cardiff Dental School.

Chris qualified from Liverpool in 2012, and has worked in both NHS and private practices in South Wales. During lockdown he was busy handling out of hours emergency clinics. But Chris’s main interest, and finely honed skill, is in oral surgery and sedation.

He is passionate about providing the best experience possible for patients, and sets himself a high standard of care. His focus is mainly to help his patients relax, especially those with dental anxiety.

Chris’s own way of relaxing from a very busy schedule is by embracing a love of ‘all outdoor exercise and sports’.

Here, we find out more about Chris.

Why do you have a special interest in oral surgery and sedation?

“I’ve always loved oral surgery ever since dental school. Initially I started having a lot of internal referrals for oral surgery, which has now expanded to taking referrals across the South West of England. I enjoy the intricacies and get great satisfaction from completing the clinical side.”

“Sedation attracted me because I’m passionate about providing the best experience possible for patients and I’ve seen so many cases where it has made such a big difference. It’s a great option for patients undergoing more complicated treatment or for anxious patients.”

How do you treat anxious patients?

“I always like to understand what is important to, and what concerns people. This is paramount, and it takes getting to know the patient well enough, to understand this well enough, so that tailoring the treatment to the patient is possible.”

“Everyone is different, and so the best way of doing anything can only be achieved by first getting to know the person in front of you. Once this has been established, I will always make sure I answer all the questions people have, as well as discussing the best options for that individual, including whether it’s worth considering options such as sedation.”

What can nervous patients expect at CK Dental?

At CK Dental, a lot of our patients are nervous about their dental treatment, which often stems from childhood experiences. Chris, as well as the rest of our dental team, are all highly skilled at putting patients at ease – explaining their treatment in detail beforehand, and discussing the different options for pain-free treatment. Patients will feel calm from the moment that they walk through the door into our relaxing environment, to the moment they leave.

You can find out more about Chris, as well as the rest of the CK Dental team on our Team page.

If you would like to book an appointment at our Clifton dental practice, please call us on 0117 472 1600.