Beware dangerous DIY teeth whitening trending on TikTok

Teeth whitening

It seems that many of us have been trying to do it ourselves when it comes to cosmetic dental treatments through lockdown – after writing about the dangers of DIY braces, there is now worrying evidence of TikTok users turning to what could be an extremely dangerous beauty trend.

One trend in particular which is taking off thanks to the platform is DIY teeth whitening. TikTok users are applying bleach onto the teeth in a bid to achieve the perfect smile. The videos, which have generated over 284 million views, could lead to potentially disastrous consequences.

Here, we’ll look at this worrying new trend and why patients need to avoid it.

Understanding the new trend

The new TikTok trend sees users recommending applying bleach to whiten the teeth. They claim it can help to avoid more expensive teeth whitening kits. While the videos show the method appears to work, what many people don’t realise is just how dangerous it is.

The majority of users recommending the technique are applying high-strength hydrogen peroxide. Under UK law, companies cannot sell teeth whitening products which contain more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide. So, why is this new trend so dangerous and why is bleaching the teeth by yourself a bad idea?

The dangers of DIY bleaching

The trouble with DIY bleaching, is that it can seriously damage the teeth and gums. It can lead to permanent damage if applied incorrectly.

Household bleach, as well as hydrogen peroxide sold online, contains a much higher concentration than what dentists use. Not only is it going to be really uncomfortable and potentially painful if you do it yourself, but it’s also going to potentially damage the enamel of the teeth.

Just some of the risks of using the methods being advertised on TikTok include burns in the mouth, inflamed gums and damage to the teeth and gums. It’s also important to remember that household bleach also contains other bleaching compounds which could be harmful for the teeth.

What is the best option for achieving a whiter, brighter smile?

The best way to achieve white, natural looking teeth is to undergo professional whitening. Dentists are trained in how to safely apply the bleach to the teeth, ensuring it is as painless and comfortable as possible.

With professional style whitening like Enlighten Teeth Whitening, you’ll also find that the results last far longer than home kits. More importantly, it produces more natural looking results. In the world of teeth whitening, you really do get what you pay for. While the DIY whitening methods may initially save you money, the damage they can cause could see you spending a lot more money in the dentist’s chair in the future.

Overall, teeth whitening can help you to regain your confidence and achieve that perfect smile. However, it does need to be applied correctly and safely by a professional dentist. The latest TikTok trend is extremely dangerous and patients need to be aware of the risks.