Dental anxiety – many turn to social media for help

dental phobic patients

Many people are nervous about visiting the dentist. Often this is not based on a negative experience but is a worry or concern that stems from what they believe may or may not happen to them when they are there. Dental anxiety usually relates to feelings of loss of control or not knowing what to expect from the process or procedure.

Nowadays many of us are connected to a multitude of social media platforms we use these platforms to source information gain advice and share opinions. For those of us who are nervous about visiting the dentist, social media platforms can offer the opportunity to reach out to others for honest opinions and what they may encounter on a trip to the dentist.

The following are from a parent-based community, where parents who were nervous about visiting the dentist reached out to other mums for reassurance help and advice.

“Hello mums, I am going to the dentist in the morning to have a wisdom tooth removed and am [scared], I’ve never had a tooth out before. I have stocked up on paracetamol and ibuprofen but what else should I be getting? Also, do you think it would be ok if I took some headphones so I can listen to music and not hear the sound of drills or whatever else they use?”

It is interesting to see that many of the responses were supportive, helpful and very positive. Many cited positive experiences of visiting the dentist and shared their thoughts on how best to approach the appointment.

“It’s really quick and I promise it doesn’t hurt. The numbing injection is worse than the procedure!”

“I had mine out in January and was [scared] too. I took headphones and had Spotify ready but honestly didn’t need it, you don’t hear anything… I wouldn’t dread it again that’s for sure.”

For some people, receiving help or advice anonymously from a group of non-dental professionals may offer them the most reassurance, as this is perceived to be completely neutral. The only issue with using a public forum to answer questions such as these, you are not getting expert advice, just simply the opinions of your peers. While these can be helpful and experiential, they will not always know exactly what to expect from different practices.

Options available for dental phobic patients

Although asking for help via forums such as this can be helpful for some, for others, simply talking openly to the dentist about fears or concerns is a good way to alleviate these concerns. At CK Dental, your dentist can put your mind at rest by explaining the procedure and helping you understand exactly what to expect and how you can expect to feel. Here we pride ourselves in helping patients feel at ease and always try to understand their fears if they are concerned about any procedure they require.

For those patients suffering from extreme dental anxiety, we can also perform treatments under sedation and because our clinic is based in a leading private hospital, we are able to offer dental phobic patients the option of general anaesthetic dentistry. Call 0117 905 9866 or email us at for more information.