Dental care during pregnancy

pregnantIt goes without saying that pregnancy is one of the most stressful times of a woman’s life, with all manner of changes and accommodations occurring to her body.

And while dental treatment is obviously going to be lower on your list of priorities than usual, the team from CK Dental Practice in Bristol feel there are a few things you’ll need to know while you’re expecting.

Keep tabs on your gums

The hormonal charge running through your body is going to impact on a lot of things, and in certain cases, your gums are more likely to bleed.

This isn’t necessarily a danger sign for you (and certainly not for your baby), but it does create a greater chance of gum inflammation and open you up to gum infection, which could cause you dental problems in the long run. It could also mean your health isn’t as good as it could be, so don’t ignore the warning signs.

Keep on top of your dental hygiene

Another by-product of hormonal change in the gums is an accelerated build-up of dental plaque, meaning that you may have to step up your dental regime.

Can I have local anaesthetic during pregnancy?

While you’re probably not going to want to indulge in extensive dental work during this phase of your life, you (and your baby) have nothing to worry about should you need a correction or two.

For starters, local anaesthetic is precisely that: a procedure that focuses on the desired area, and not an injection into the bloodstream, so your baby won’t be affected at all.

What treatment should I avoid?

The only treatment that dentists stay away from during pregnancy is the use of mercury amalgam fillings – although there’s no evidence that they’re a health risk, they’re still not recommended, just to be on the safe side.