Ensuring your teeth are looked after while you’re on holiday

holiday dental routineIf you’re planning on jetting off for some out of season sunshine, or you’re considering hitting the slopes for some fun in the snow, your teeth are probably not high up on your checklist. Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we believe your teeth should definitely earn their place on your pre-holiday checklist, to ensure that they don’t give you any cause for concern while you’re away

Find time for that last-minute dental check up

It is sensible to arrange a dental check-up before you leave. This way your teeth can have a quick inspection before your holiday and you can have the peace of mind that they are in good health and shouldn’t cause you any unexpected troubles. It is a good idea to have this check-up a couple of weeks before you are due to go, just in case a filling or any other treatment is required that may need a follow-up appointment.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink

Holidays are often a time when we let our hair down and eat and drink things that we wouldn’t always indulge in at home. On holidays, there is probably a tendency to treat ourselves to fizzy and surgery drinks, so make sure that you’re giving your teeth a really thorough brush in the mornings and evenings to wash away all these holiday naughties.

Don’t forget your dental routine

Even if your usual routine is completely thrown by the wayside, ensure that your dental routine doesn’t suffer. As well as remembering to brush your teeth in the morning and evening, why not treat yourself to a post-siesta brush as well?

Don’t forget your toothbrush!

Finally, remember your toothbrush! In fact, we’d recommend taking two. Anyone who has been delayed on a flight can relate to that feeling of needing something that you have packed that is tucked away in the suitcase and unobtainable if you’re hanging around the airport for longer than envisaged. Packing an extra toothbrush and a small tube of toothpaste (under 100ml due to liquid restrictions) can make all the difference when you want to freshen up.