How drinking water can help your teeth

Summer is in full swing now and most of us have upped our liquid consumption to help us cool down and avoid dehydration on hot sunny days. We all know by now that water is the healthiest choice – it has countless benefits for our general health and can help us stay looking slimmer and younger for longer – but did you know that drinking water is good for your teeth, too? Here at Bristol dentist practice CK Dental, we try to encourage our patients to drink as much water as possible. Here’s why:

Sugar free

It may seem obvious, but being free of sugar of any description means water offers a great alternative to juices, squash, fizzy drinks or even milk when it comes to your teeth. Sugar has an acid effect on teeth, eroding away the enamel and eventually causing plaque and tooth decay. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks can help avoid this.

Flushing away food

If you drink water after eating, it helps to wash your teeth clean of any food or sugar residue. Obviously drinking water is not an alternative to toothbrushing, but if you are out and about and unable to brush your teeth, drinking a glass of water after eating sugary foods can help limit the damage to your teeth.

Drink more!

With all its health benefits, you would think we would all be drinking water whenever possible, but studies show that very few of us manage the recommended two litres a day. If you want to up your water intake and enjoy the positive effect this can have on your teeth and general health, try starting each day with a large glass of water – often, this can encourage you to drink more over the course of the day.

If you want to find out some other tricks to keep your teeth healthier, make an appointment with Bristol dentist clinic CK Dental today.