How to get your kids over their fear of the dentist

children-961685_960_720Although dental care is very low on the list when it comes to your child’s health issues, it won’t be too long before they’ll need to be registered for treatment – and the importance of getting them into the routine can’t be overstated.

A lot of adults with dentalphobia can point to a bad experience in their childhood which explains their fear of the dentist, which can lead to all manner of problems in later life.

CK Dental of Bristol has put together the following guide for parents:

Start them early

Dentists recommend that your children’s first visit to the dentist should commence around their first birthday. Two reasons for this: it’s essential that your children get their teeth checked out as soon as possible in order to keep on top of any potential problems, and it gets your kids used to the idea that regular dental check-ups are nothing to be scared of.

Don’t tell them about your early experiences

…even if they were positive ones, and especially if they weren’t. It’s unfair on your child to be told that things are better now than in your day – they’ll only pick up on the negative experiences.

Let them play at dentists

They’re probably already playing Doctors and Nurses, so make sure to add dental treatment into their routine. Use their toothbrush to count their teeth, and let them do likewise to you. And keep it simple: no drill sounds or extractions.

Let them see you get checked out

This always helps. Kids are endlessly fascinated in what their parents get up to, so letting them get used to the environment (whilst not having anything done to them) is a great introduction to dental care.

Schedule appointments as early as possible

As with adults who fear the dentist, the earlier in the day appointment is set, the less time your child will have to fret about the visit.