My teeth are uneven and discoloured – what are my options?

hand over mouthWithout seeing the patient in person and performing a thorough examination of the teeth, it is difficult to advise on the correct course of treatment. However, there are a few treatments offered here at our Bristol dental practice which can deal with one or both of these problems.

Teeth straightening

If by “uneven” you mean your teeth are crooked, then the Invisalign invisible braces system might present a good treatment option. Using a series of customised invisible aligners, each of which is worn for between two and three weeks, the Invisalign system effectively straightens your teeth without anyone needing to know you are wearing a brace.

Teeth whitening

For discolouration, the obvious choice is teeth whitening. Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we use an at-home whitening system, using a special customised tray that is created from an imprint of your mouth.

Carried out as a night time treatment over a period of around a fortnight, teeth whitening in Bristol can provide an even, predictable whitening of the teeth, which lasts for between one and two years. Results can be topped up to maximum whiteness in just one or two nights at minimal cost.

Dental veneers

“Uneven” does not always mean crooked – in some cases, the teeth are of uneven lengths, perhaps due to bruxism (teeth grinding), or because of chips or breakages of the teeth. If this is the case for you, then dental veneers might present the best treatment option – solving both your problems at once.

Dental veneers are made from very thin layers of porcelain, which are permanently bonded to the surface of the natural teeth using a special adhesive. This allows us to create a perfectly white, even smile, using minimally invasive techniques.

To book a consultation and find out which of these treatments is most suitable for you, please contact us.