Fantastic programme on BBC 1 last night called The Truth About Your Teeth. It took a look at how the latest scientific breakthroughs can change/help how we look after our teeth. There were a couple of points that were particularly interesting. The journalists looked at over-the-counter teeth whitening products which have become incredibly popular in […]

Dental payment plan for affordable dental treatments. Even for the most diligent of savers, when you’re already worrying about mortgage payments, bills, taxes and other household expenses, sometimes budgeting for regular trips to the dentist can seem like a step too far. But looking after your own and your family’s teeth should be a high […]

Crowns and bridges treatments in Bristol are among the most popular dental restoration options we offer here in our Bristol dentist clinic. A crown is essentially a cap that is used to cover a tooth that may have lost a lot of its original structure. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth and is bonded […]

These days, most of us know to brush our teeth twice a day, but flossing is still something of a specialist subject. So why is it so important? Why floss? Brushing your teeth is great to get rid of build-up on the surface of the teeth, but it can be difficult to get in between […]

National Smile Month is nearly here, which seemed like a good excuse for a timely reminder about the importance of looking after your teeth. Here at CK Dental, Bristol Dentist Cornelius Krause is passionate about oral health, and National Smile Month aims to help promote good oral hygiene across the country. There are three main […]

Here at Bristol dentist practice CK Dental, we are all very excited about the forthcoming open day, on Saturday 25th April held at Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital The Chesterfield, from 10am to 4pm. This will be a great opportunity to meet the team and find out more about what we have to offer. FREE dental […]

Healthy teeth is an achievable goal if you follow simple recommendations. It seems like barely a month goes by without yet another holiday designed to ruin our dental health, and Easter is one of the biggest offenders. Over the past few decades, Easter has turned into an excuse to eat as much chocolate as possible, […]

Private dental treatment in Bristol costs can vary widely from practice to practice and is totally dependent on the work that has been recommended, as the cost is based on the time spent in surgery, the complexity of work involved, the materials used and the level of sedation that is necessary. Here at CK Dental […]

Dentist with free parking in Bristol at the Nuffield hospital in Clifton for your routine dental care These days, people use the word ‘routine’ to mean dull, but the team here at CK Dental in Bristol knows that routine dentist appointments can save everyone a lot of time, money and most of all pain. How […]

Dental phobic patients are welcome in our state of the art dental practice. We offer numerous solutions to conquer fear and get you the smile you always wanted or just simply get you out of the trap. Dental phobia is a very real and debilitating fear, often triggered by a traumatic experience. Unlike dental fear, […]