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Dental implants in Bristol at CK Dental, we find that patients are often confused about why they should choose dental implants over other – often cheaper – options to replace missing teeth. Of course, whichever method you choose is up to the individual, but we’ve decided to outline some of the advantages that dental implants hold over other treatments.

Dental implants protect your healthy teeth

While bridges can cause damage to the surrounding, healthy teeth, as you need to grind away at them to fit the bridge into the gap, dental implants are fitted into the root where the missing tooth was, so there is no impact on your other teeth.

You don’t need to make any changes to your life

While dentures can make it difficult to eat certain foods, implants behave just like your natural teeth. This also means you won’t experience any of the difficulty in pronouncing particular words that many patients suffer from in the first few weeks of wearing dentures, while they get used to the feel of the dentures in their mouth. And one major advantage is that dental implants stay in your mouth at night, so you don’t have to keep your teeth in a glass next to the bed!

Implants are predictable and built to last

Dental bridges only last for between five and seven years, whereas implants – when properly cared for – should last a lifetime. Dental implants have a long track record of reliable, long-term successful outcomes.

Second only to your natural teeth

While of course a natural, healthy smile is the ideal, dental implants really are the next best thing – they look and feel just like natural teeth, and there is no possibility of cavities. That said, you do still need to pay regular visits to the dentist.

Here at CK Dental, Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause works with a leading European maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that our dental implant treatment is the best it can be. For more information, click here.

Here at CK Dental in Bristol, we offer dental implants to those of our patients who have lost one or more teeth. Dental implants are a safe and effective option for those with missing teeth, giving a rejuvenated appearance, as well as offering many practical benefits?

What are the advantages of implants compared to dentures?

Dental implants provide a permanent solution to the problem of missing teeth, and avoid the issue of having to make changes to your diet, which can arise with false teeth. Dentures are often not compatible with tough or chewy foods, and this can cause embarrassment when eating around others.

Although having dental implants placed is a more invasive process than that involved with dentures, once the implants are in position and restored, they will look, feel and behave just like your natural teeth, and you don’t need to do anything differently in terms of their care.

Why choose CK Dental in Bristol for dental implants?

The only thing that might prevent you from being a candidate for dental implants is bone shrinkage that can happen if the tooth has been missing for a long time.

However, here at CK Dental in Bristol, we work with a leading maxillofacial surgeon, Dr Michael Stiller, MD.DDS.OMFS, who is able to augment the bone in the jaw, making dental implants possible and also helping to provide a more youthful appearance to the jawline.

How long will dental implants last?

Provided they are fitted correctly, dental implants should last for life. The titanium implants we use here at our Bristol dentistry clinic behave exactly like the natural tooth root; the bone of the jaw grows around them, ensuring they are entirely secure, before our dental surgeon, Cornelius Krause, fits the custom-made restoration of your choice – crowns, bridges or dentures.

For more information on dental implants, or to book an appointment at our Bristol clinic, click here.

CK Dental, based in the centre of Bristol, was the brainchild of dental surgeon Cornelius Krause. Cornelius wanted to build a general dentisty practice that offered the very latest in dental technology for the benefit of its patients.

But technological innovations only take you so far. A dental practice such as CK Dental sets itself apart by the quality of the people delivering its dental treatments. Teamwork is, in fact, highlighted by the General Dental Council as a key principle of best practice in providing good dental care for patients.

All members of the dental team at CK Dental contribute to ensuring a successful and positive patient experience and all have an important role to play.

Introducing the CK Dental team

Principal dentist Cornelius Krause and every member of the CK Dental team is highly qualified and experienced, as well as passionate about providing the best quality dental care.

Dr Michael Stiller, a leading European maxillofacial surgeon, regularly consults and treats complex maxillofacial and implant cases for the practice. He brings a wealth of expertise, meaning CK Dental in Bristol is able to offer dental treatment on a par with international centres of dental excellence.

Many patients suffer from dental phobia, but at CK Dental we are skilled at guiding nervous patients through their dental treatment. Anaesthetist Dr Claudia Paoloni plays an important role at our Bristol dental practice in providing a consultant anaesthetist-led sedation service for nervous patients.

While dentists concentrate on treating tooth and gum conditions, the dental hygienist has a vital role in helping to prevent problems arising. Suzanne Benjamin is a qualified dental nurse and hygienist and has spent many years in private dental practice, educating patients in caring for their teeth and gums by providing specific oral hygiene advice and providing manageable home care plans.

To learn more about the team and the treatments we offer, click here to book a consultation with Cornelius.