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Christmas is on the way and everyone wants to look their best for all the parties – and where better place to start than with your smile? Forget about lipstick, the perfect smile is all about sparkling white teeth, and the team here at CK Dental in Bristol can help you achieve that.

White Christmas

Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment by far, with more than 100,000 Brits having experimented with the procedure in one form or another last year. This Christmas, why not treat yourself to the professional treatment, and book an appointment with Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause here at CK Dental.

What does the teeth whitening procedure involve?

Mr Krause uses the Evolution Enlighten teeth whitening system, which involves two appointments with the dental surgeon, at the first of which a mould will be taken of your mouth. This mould is used to create your own personalised whitening tray, which you will take home to carry out a 14-day at-home whitening plan.

This home-use teeth whitening programme prepares the teeth for the final stage of the process, which is a 40-minute professional whitening treatment by the dentist at the second of your two appointments.

Will Evolution teeth whitening really work?

Absolutely. When you come for your initial appointment at our Bristol clinic, dentist Mr Krause will examine your teeth and provide you with a thorough consultation, explaining what kind of a result you can expect, but the Evolution Enlighten system has a proven track record of tackling even the most persistent stains, such as tobacco, red wine and coffee. We can even guarantee a specific shade of white.

How quickly will I see results?

Immediately after the final treatment. However, party season is fast approaching and bearing in mind the two-week home treatment programme, we’d advise you book an appointment at our Bristol clinic now if you want your smile sparkling in time for Christmas!

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Dental surgeon Mr Krause has extensive experience of many cosmetic dentistry procedures, including veneers, crowns, invisible braces and dental implants, all of which are offered here at CK Dental in Bristol. However, in recent years teeth whitening has emerged as an increasingly popular component of cosmetic dentistry.

For patients that have healthy teeth, which might have become stained, either from smoking or the consumption of coffee, tea or red wine or because they have just dulled over the passing of the years, then teeth whitening can be a relatively straightforward and effective way to transform your smile.

The importance of choosing the right teeth whitening system

The teeth whitening procedure offered by Mr Krause, here at CK Dental, is the Evolution Enlighten teeth whitening system, which consists of a 14-day at-home whitening plan, in combination with a 40-minute professional treatment, administered by GDC-registered dentist Mr Krause here in Bristol.

The treatment plan

At the first appointment with the dentist, an impression of your teeth will be taken, which Mr Krause will then use to make personalised moulded whitening trays. You will then take these home to be used with a low-level whitening agent for two weeks, before coming back into the Bristol clinic for a final appointment with the dental surgeon, when the 40-minute intensive whitening treatment will take place.

Will it work?

In short, yes. The Evolution system was launched in 2005 and still leads the teeth whitening market. The benefits of this system are:

  • A guaranteed outcome of a specific shade of white, no matter what colour your teeth are to start with
  • An easy to use system with no special diet
  • It can be used even by those with sensitive teeth
  • All the products conform to international safety standards

How white will my teeth be?

The Evolution system can show great improvement, even for those who smoke and drink heavily. At your first appointment with Mr Krause at the Bristol clinic, you will undergo a thorough consultation and the dentist will give you a realistic idea of how white your teeth are likely to be post treatment.

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