Teeth whitening – is it safe?

There has been a lot of media attention devoted to the dangers of teeth whitening recently, with reports that some beauty salons are continuing to offer the service illegally, even after having been prosecuted for doing so.

This has understandably caused a lot of consternation among the general public, especially as the popularity of teeth whitening treatments continues to soar – which is no doubt why so many are trying to cash in on it.

The truth is that teeth whitening is a very safe procedure, if it is carried out by a qualified, trained professional, such as Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause, chief dentist here at CK Dental.

Who is allowed to perform tooth whitening?

Only trained dental professionals, such as dentists and dental hygienists are legally allowed to carry out in-clinic teeth whitening procedures, according to the Dentists Act 1984.

This means that it is totally illegal for beauticians or beauty therapists to offer the procedure, although many of them are doing so.

What can happen if teeth whitening goes wrong?

In the hands of a dental professional, it is highly unlikely that anything could go wrong during a tooth whitening procedure. However, tooth whitening kits usually contain the bleach hydrogen peroxide, which can cause damage to the teeth and gums if used incorrectly. If the tray used to whiten the teeth does not fit properly, it is possible for some of the bleach to be swallowed, which can be very dangerous.

How can I get my teeth whitened safely?

By visiting a trained dental professional, such as Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause. It may be tempting to get a cut-price treatment at a beauty salon, but it is never worth risking your health for the sake of saving a few pounds.

In the right hands, tooth whitening is a very safe, highly effective treatment.