Thinking about implants?

implantsLosing your teeth can be a very difficult process – not just in terms of the physical problems involved, but also emotionally. Of course, here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, a good deal of our time is devoted to trying to help you to keep your teeth for as long as possible, but inevitably some people will end up losing their teeth eventually.

However, losing your natural teeth doesn’t have to be as hellish as you might expect. For many of us, the thought of becoming toothless conjures up images of false teeth in a glass beside the bed and so can often make us feel old before our time. But false teeth are not the only answer.


Of course false teeth – or dentures, to give them their official name – have their place, but they do have a number of disadvantages. Patients with dentures often report discomfort, at least to begin with as they get used to the feel of the plate in their mouth, and they can make talking and eating certain foods quite tricky.


Here at Bristol dental practice CK Dental, we advocate the use of dental implants for those patients who have lost a significant number of teeth.

Dental implants are tiny metal screws which are implanted into the gums, in place of the teeth roots which would normally be there. Dental bridges or crowns can then be attached to these, giving you the permanent appearance of a full set of teeth.

The benefits

There are countless reasons why implants are considered the best option to restore missing teeth. They are often described as the next best thing to your natural teeth, as they look and feel just like normal teeth, allowing you to talk, eat and carry on your life as usual.