Tips to look after your children

Tips to look after your children to have healthy teeth.

A recent report in the national press has shown that over a quarter of children in the UK have some level of tooth decay, with ‘poverty’ and ‘sugar’ cited as the most likely causes. Here at Bristol dentist practice CK Dental, we were shocked to hear that so many children’s teeth are given this unhealthy start, so we wanted to offer a few tips to help you keep your children’s teeth healthy, without breaking the bank.

Cut back on sugary drinks

We know this is easier said than done, but if you can try to keep sugary drinks to a minimum it can make a big difference – when a child drinks a glass of juice or squash, they are literally bathing their teeth in sugar.

If your child refuses to drink water on its own, try diluting fruit juice with water to reduce the amount of sugar they are getting per drink.

Only offer sweet foods as pudding

If you eat sugary foods immediately after a meal, the damage done to your teeth is kept to a minimum, as your mouth is already producing saliva to help wash the sugar away. If you can encourage your child to drink a glass of water immediately after pudding, this will help too.

Brush thoroughly twice a day

Children can be resistant to brushing their teeth, so try to make it fun, rather than a battleground – there are some toothbrushing apps that can be downloaded onto smartphones or tablets to help with this.

Most chemists or supermarkets sell novelty children’s toothbrushes, in the shape of animals or with pictures on of children’s favourite characters, which can be used to make the whole process more appealing. Make sure you are using a fluoride toothpaste and just use a pea-sized amount (or less if you are using a toothpaste that is not specifically designed for children).

If you would like to have your children’s teeth checked over, please give our Bristol dentist clinic a ring to make an appointment.