February 2016

Why ‘sugar free’ isn’t necessarily better for your teeth

Bristol dentist Cornelius Krause, like most other dentists, spends much of his time at work advising patients to avoid sugary foods and drinks, because of the damage that sugar can do to your teeth. Heeding this advice, many people switch to ‘diet’ or ‘sugar-free’ options, in an effort to improve their dental health. Unfortunately, however, Read More

Which celebs have had dental work?

We all know they do it – how else would they all have such perfectly straight, gleaming white teeth – but cosmetic dental work is not something that celebrities tend to shout about. Even Botox gets talked about more than teeth whitening, in the celeb world, so the team here at CK Dental has decided Read More

Make your mouth kissable this Valentines Day

It’s easy to think that a kissable mouth is all about the lips, but while a plump, sexy pout might well get you that first kiss, good oral health is what will bring them back for more. The team here at CK Dental practice in Bristol have come up with some top tips to ensure Read More

Stop press: Brits have better teeth than Americans

It may seem hard to believe, with recent news stories about us Brits being too ashamed of our teeth to smile in photos – not to mention the longstanding belief that Americans, with their beautiful sets of pearly whites, are horrified by our stained, wonky gnashers – but a new cross-pacific study has shown that Read More

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