New plans for helping A&E departments tackle dental emergencies

  If you’re involved in an accident resulting in any type of serious injury, calling 999 or taking a trip to your local A&E department is the first thing that many people think of. While in many cases, this is the correct course of action, if you have suffered an injury to your teeth you Read More

The Big C – the importance of knowing what to look out for with mouth cancer symptoms

Thanks to awareness-building advertising campaigns over the years, many of us now feel sufficiently informed to know about the warning signs of cancer in different parts of the body. From checking for lumps and bumps, to persistent headaches and changes with moles and freckles, cancers such as breast, prostate, testicular, brain and skin are well Read More

Ensuring your teeth are looked after while you’re on holiday

If you’re planning on jetting off for some out of season sunshine, or you’re considering hitting the slopes for some fun in the snow, your teeth are probably not high up on your checklist. Here at CK Dental practice in Bristol, we believe your teeth should definitely earn their place on your pre-holiday checklist, to Read More

State of children’s teeth in England exposed

[From The Guardian] Twice as many children under the age of 10 receive hospital treatment for tooth decay as those treated for broken arms, figures for England show. There were 34,205 cases of patients under 10 needing hospital treatment for dental caries in the year to March, the youngest less than a year old, according Read More

Trick or treat? It’s that time of year again when sweets are calling…

With Halloween comes all kinds of fun and excitement, ranging from pumpkin carving and dressing up, to spooky stories and trick-or-treating. But, even once Halloween has been and gone, the legacy of the ‘treats’ from trick-or-treating live on. Whether your children have come home with hoards of sweets they have procured from the neighbours or Read More

Babies and toddlers – how to avoid tooth decay by giving sensible snacks

All parents out there will understand, relate to or remember the transition from milk to solid foods. The weaning process. This can be an exciting time or this can be stressful, and everyone crosses their fingers that their baby will not turn out to be a fussy eater. For some parents whose little darlings are Read More

Worried about visiting the dentist?

Many people have anxieties about things in life, some of which are perfectly rational and others are more about fears of the unknown or unexpected. These fears can range from things like spiders and creepy crawlies, to visiting health practitioners like doctors or dentists. Here at CK Dental Practice in Bristol we understand that some Read More

Pulling teeth: reasons for dental extraction

Patients understandably want to avoid having a tooth extracted and dentists, too, will do everything possible to save a biological tooth, but sometimes a tooth extraction is the best option and, in many cases, is unavoidable. Removing a significantly damaged or decaying tooth will be required to save the surrounding teeth and ensure optimal dental Read More

Brushing children’s teeth

Any parents out there will know that getting children to brush their teeth can sometimes be challenging. Parents are encouraged to brush their children’s teeth from the minute the tiny milk teeth arrive, and anyone who has tried to inset a toothbrush into an unwilling baby’s mouth while it is clamped firmly shut will agree Read More

Understanding why people have different bites and how this can affect your teeth

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you may have been born with a perfectly straight set of teeth that fit together seamlessly. If, like many people, you may feel like your adult teeth were thrown into your mouth at random, then this may be because of issues with how your ‘bite’ is working. In Read More

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