Associate Dentist Dr Nicholas Banfield Joins Our Clifton Village Practice

Clifton Village Practice

Our new Associate Dentist, Nick joins us at our brand new Clifton Village practice with fifteen years of general dentistry experience under his belt, working at a very busy Practice in Stroud. But his journey into dentistry may not have followed the traditional route. It actually began with a degree in Biological Sciences and then into research in oral and dental sciences at the Bristol Dental School.

To our delight though, Nick decided it was the right time to move on and he now joins our ever-growing team at our new modern clinic in Clifton Village. He brings with him years of general dentistry experience, a practical approach and a strong passion for preventative care.

Nick’s dental experience

One of the benefits to our team, after being based at one dental practice over such a long period of time? “Over the years, you learn what techniques and treatments work for individual patients and what doesn’t,” he said.

Nick really enjoys building relationships with his patients. Over the years, he has seen the long-term effects of his handiwork. Additionally, as an experienced dentist, he quickly builds trust and rapport with his patients. For this reason, he can quickly put anyone that is nervous at ease.

Describing himself as a very practical person, Nick really enjoys the physical work involved in a patient’s dental transformation.

“Transforming a rotten tooth into one that is totally fixed! It just becomes like second nature,” he said.

Prevention is key!

Nick undertakes all aspects of general dentistry and places a strong emphasis on educating his patients to prevent future dental problems arising.

He sees Periodontal (gum) disease as something that should be treated better in general practice. Therefore, he spends more time than most other dentists on prevention.

“90% of dental problems are self-inflicted and can be prevented,” he said.

“By talking to the patient and finding out more about their daily eating and oral hygiene habits, I quickly find out the real cause of the problem.”

Nick believes that people are taking better care of their teeth and are keeping more of their teeth into old age. However, he sees the British public lagging behind other countries in their dental care. Why?

Regular examinations and hygiene visits are absolutely key.

“A lot of people do not get the advice and time needed in their dental visits to achieve good oral health. And this can only be done really well at a private practice.”

So Why CK Dental?

One of the key things that Nick enjoys with private dental care is the quality of dentistry it is able to provide. From the availability of better materials and equipment to the time the dentist can spend on each patient. And that is certainly the case at the new practice in Clifton. An independent practice run by a dentist he knows is also a main draw for Nick. And having previously worked alongside Principal Dentist, Cornelius – he is confident about the standards of patient care this practice can deliver and provide.

You can find out more about Nick, as well as the rest of the CK Dental team on our Team page.

If you would like to book an appointment at our Clifton dental practice, please call us on 0117 472 1600.