crowns and bridges in Bristol

Crowns and bridges treatments in Bristol are among the most popular dental restoration options we offer here in our Bristol dentist clinic. A crown is essentially a cap that is used to cover a tooth that may have lost a lot of its original structure. A bridge is used to replace missing teeth and is bonded to the surrounding teeth to hold it in place.

So why are crowns and bridges so popular? Here are a few of the reasons we think they represent such a good treatment option:

Improve and protect your natural teeth

Here at CK Dental, the crowns and bridges we offer are fully porcelain, so they look as natural as possible, whilst crowns provide a cap to protect the broken tooth beneath and bridges can help to straighten your teeth.

Rather than removing your natural teeth, we use crowns and bridges to restore the teeth you still have and replace those you have lost, leaving you with a whiter and more even smile.

Maintain the structure of your face

When teeth are missing, it can have a profound impact on the rest of the face. By replacing those teeth with bridges, we can help return your face to the way it was before, which can have huge anti-ageing benefits.

When missing teeth are replaced, it can also help to redistribute the force of your bite, so you aren’t wearing down some teeth more than others.

Speak and chew normally

Losing teeth can make it difficult for you to pronounce certain words or eat certain foods. Some treatment options, such as dentures, offer a cosmetic solution to the problem, but don’t really solve the other issues, as you often have to remove the dentures to eat.

With crowns and bridges, you can eat and speak just as if you had all your natural teeth.

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