dental payment plan

Dental payment plan for affordable dental treatments. Even for the most diligent of savers, when you’re already worrying about mortgage payments, bills, taxes and other household expenses, sometimes budgeting for regular trips to the dentist can seem like a step too far.

But looking after your own and your family’s teeth should be a high priority, which is why Bristol dentist practice CK Dental has teamed up with DenPlan to help you keep up to date with your oral health, without any nasty financial surprises.

Pay monthly

With the DenPlan scheme, you pay just £19 per month and receive two check-ups and two visits to the hygienist per year. Six-monthly dental appointments are optimal to ensure any problems are detected early and to keep on top of your oral hygiene, dealing with plaque and tartar before they start to cause any real problems.

Worldwide coverage

The really great thing about DenPlan is that it doesn’t just help you keep up with your Bristol Dentist visits, but also covers you for dental insurance wherever you go in the world, so if you crack a tooth in a swimming pool in Greece, or lose a filling eating steak in Paris, you can rest assured that you’re covered for all eventualities.

Healthy teeth, healthy bank balance

No matter what your financial situation is, no one likes to find themselves with unexpected bills to pay, which is where the DenPlan scheme really comes into its own. Once you’ve paid your £19 per month, there are no nasty surprises – you can visit the dentist for routine check-ups or rush in with a dental emergency, safe in the knowledge that it’s all been paid for in advance.

For more information on DenPlan, or to find out more about the other services we offer here at CK Dental, please contact us.