Dental emergencies on holiday: what you need to know

holidayHoliday season may be in full swing, but there’s no rest period for dental emergencies – and there nothing worse than developing one during your time off, especially when you’re abroad. Here are a few things the team from CK Dental Practice in Bristol believe you should be aware of…

Does your travel cover include dental treatment?

Almost all of us take out travel insurance without thinking about it these days, and for obvious reasons. But in a survey conducted a few years ago by the British Dental Health Foundation, a mere 12% of Brits surveyed knew for sure that their insurance covered emergency dental work, while 55% admitted they didn’t know.

While most travel insurance policies do include dental emergencies, some don’t – so make sure you check the fine print or ask in advance.

Are you having extensive work on your teeth?

If you’re midway through a prolonged course of treatment and your holiday is going to get in the way, always consult your practitioner – they may recommend you hold off from certain procedures until you get back, suggest certain ‘quick fixes’ that can be done in advance, and advise on dental dos and don’ts while you’re away.

Is your toiletries bag properly stocked?

If you’re worried about potential dental disasters flaring up while you’re away, it pays to be prepared. If you have problems with fillings, pick up a temporary filling kit from the chemists.

While you’re there, stock up on desensitising toothpaste, as chances are you’ll be consuming acidic fizzy drinks and wine than usual. And when you’ve arrived, look for some antiseptic mouthwash to counter any gum infections that might arise.

What if I have a dental problem while abroad?

If it’s a minor problem, like a missing crown or a lost filling, and you aren’t in discomfort, it’s perfectly fine to put off treatment until you get home. If that’s not an option and you need immediate treatment, make doubly sure you keep all receipts.