There’s no holiday for tooth decay

child at beachThe school holidays are here, and those with kids probably have enough on their plate already. But with the possible exception of December, this time of year can be the most problematic for your children’s’ dental health, with more snacking, lax dental care and cold, fizzy distractions. Bristol’s CK Dental Practice offers the following tips to help keep the plaque away this summer…

The most important meal of the day

With no school to go to, the lie-ins get longer this time of year. So if your kids are getting up later and sorting out their own breakfasts, make sure you’re not driving them towards quick fixes that could bring on tooth decay.

Sugary cereals are an obvious no-no, but white breads are also notorious for raising acidity levels in the mouth – wholegrain bread is better. The best options are yoghurt (not only low in sugar, but also contains healthy bacteria), dairy produce (for the obvious calcium boost), and non-citrus fruits.

Avoid fizzy drinks

It’s the time of year when fluid intake rockets up – so be prepared and steer your kids towards tooth-friendly drinks like ice water and milk.

Fruit juice can be an absolute nightmare for your child’s teeth and should be restricted to meals. The same goes for cordials: keep them to the low-sugar variety. Remember, eating fruit is far better for your child’s teeth than drinking it.

Keep on top of the brushing regime

Your kids may be in the habit of brushing during school time, but can easily forget about it when they’re off school – and the more lax schedules of the summer holiday could lead them to drop their dental duties. Make sure they don’t.

Get them checked out at the dentist

This is a perfect time of the year to do this, because they won’t be missing any school time, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to correct any problems they’ve developed, and they’ll be getting a timely reminder of how important it is to take care of their teeth.