Dental emergency – what to do when trouble strikes

dental emergency BristolIf we suspect we have broken a bone, have been in an accident or are feeling very unwell, everyone knows that it’s either a trip to A&E or a telephone call to 111. A medical professional will assess the
problem and you’ll be able to get the required treatment quickly.

But what do you do if you suffer a dental emergency? What about if it is out of hours? Do you know how to deal with it and who to contact?

If you lose a filling or a crown, crack or lose a tooth or are suffering from any other form of dental issue – especially over the weekend or in the evening – it can be worrying. A resolution is often required
quickly, as the sooner you act, the sooner it can be fixed and any pain can be treated.

Act fast to mitigate the problem

Although you can call 111 to obtain advice on how to self-treat pain caused by dental issues, NHS Choices, the online medical guidance site, recommends that the first place you should contact is your own dentist.

Here at CK Dental Practice in Bristol we offer emergency dental treatments to help fix your problem and to give you the peace of mind you require.

A trip to A&E may still be required depending on the nature of the problem and what has caused it. If you have been in an accident and are experiencing severe pain (that you are not able to control with over-the-counter painkillers), are losing a lot of blood or have suffered more serious facial trauma, then a visit to the hospital may still be required too.

CK Dental Practice – here to help you

So, remember that if you have a dental emergency then don’t hesitate to get in touch with CK Dental to get the advice and help you require.

We offer emergency dental help, so call us on 0117 906 4872 or email on info@ckdental.co.uk.