Dental treatment during pregnancy

dental treatment during pregnancyIf you have discovered that you are expecting a child then there are many changes to your body that take effect over the course of your pregnancy and in the weeks and months following the birth.

Understanding these changes is a key factor in terms of managing them, and not many women are aware that during pregnancy their teeth undergo changes too.

What happens to teeth during pregnancy?

In a nutshell, as part of the complex hormonal changes your body is experiencing, women may find that….

  • Their gums start to bleed
  • They experience a greater build up of plaque than usual
  • They may suffer with more sensitive gums or ‘gingivitus’ (red, swollen, tender gums)

Generally speaking, most of the changes are manageable as part of a slightly modified dental routine (for example brushing more gently if your gums are bleeding, visiting the dentist more regularly if you suspect you have a build up of plaque that brushing isn’t tackling effectively), however if you have any concerns you should arrange to see your dentist to get an expert opinion.

Many mums-to-be don’t realise that they are also entitled to some help with dentistry while pregnant.

Dental care for pregnant women

It is important that you have regular dental check-ups throughout your pregnancy, to ensure that none of these changes to your dental health get out of hand and to help you get the most from your dental hygiene routine. Your dentist should be able to offer tips on effective tooth brushing as well as which products are best to use during pregnancy.

Here at CK Dental Practice in Bristol we look forward to helping expectant mothers care for their teeth during and after pregnancy. We are also here to offer help for infant dental care too, once your little ones have arrived and you are looking for advice for how best to care for their teeth and gums.