Healthy Snack Choices For Your Teeth

Healthy Snack Choices

A recent survey revealed that 82% of dentists reported an increase in numbers of patients requiring fillings following the pandemic. One reason for this is that oral health routines have slipped, with many people only brushing their teeth once a day and forgoing flossing. However, another study showed that more people gave into their cravings, turning to sweets, chocolate and salty snacks.

Here, we share some healthy snacking choices to help protect your oral health in light of Healthy Eating Week that runs from 14th to 18th June.

What are healthy snack choices?

Although savoury snacks are a healthier choice, you still need to take care with highly processed foods such as crisps and snacks; they may still contain some sugar.

Some recommended healthier snacks include:

  • Carrots, celery or other crunchy vegetables
  • Unsweetened natural yoghurt, cheese and nuts – eating yoghurt and cheese helps to neutralise acids in the mouth and restores a natural PH balance
  • Rice cakes or oatcakes with hummus or cream cheese – oatcakes can provide more natural vitamins and minerals. Especially compared to white breads

Consider a dental treatment

If this all sounds like too much hard work, don’t worry. By visiting your dentist and dental hygienist regularly, you will be able to keep your teeth in good condition. As well as cleaning away any plaque debris and giving you tips on your oral hygiene, they can recommend treatments to keep your teeth healthy.

A teeth whitening treatment is a great option for people who need to brighten up teeth that have become stained. Also, an Invisalign teeth straightening treatment can make them easier to clean. Both these treatments can give you a huge boost in confidence, with very little interference in your daily life, and with the results seen in very little time.

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