Our Top Reasons for Getting a Scale and Polish

scale and polish

Very few people enjoy going to the dentist – even if it is just to get a scale and polish. However, taking care of your oral hygiene is extremely important to your health. Whether you love or hate the dentist, getting regular check-ups is key to ensuring your teeth and gums remain healthy.

Below, we’ll reveal our top reasons patients should undergo a scale and polish as part of their routine check-up.

1. Preventative care

The number one reason for visiting a dental hygienist is to prevent future problems. By addressing issues before they even occur, it can save you stress, money, and potentially a lot of pain too.
Another benefit of preventative care is that it is much cheaper than paying for ongoing oral issues. If an issue occurs due to poor hygiene, it could be very expensive to fix.

2. It can whiten the teeth

While there are some whitening toothpastes available, nothing can keep the teeth cleaner than a scale and polish. Brushing alone isn’t going to give you that bright white smile that you dream of.

Dentists have the right tools to eliminate stains effectively from the teeth. They can help you to achieve the level of whiteness you desire. Regular scale and polish treatments also help to prevent stains from building up in the first place. However, if you are looking for an even whiter result, consider a teeth whitening treatment for longer lasting results.

3. You’ll enjoy shorter appointment times

Nobody likes spending a long time at the dentist, and with regular hygiene appointments you won’t need to. By attending regular appointments, it helps to keep your oral health in check. This means, when it is time to visit the dentist, they won’t need to spend a lot of time cleaning the teeth and gums.

Your appointments will be much shorter if you make the effort to visit your dentist regularly. This is particularly true when you consider how long you would need to spend at the dentist if something does go wrong.

4. It can be covered on your treatment plan

One reason you might put off having a scale and polish regularly, is the cost. However, did you know that hygienist appointments may be covered on your insurance?

The CK Dental Denplan Essentials plan provides 2 check ups and hygiene visits per year, 10% discount on any clinically necessary treatment and worldwide insurance cover – including when away from home in the UK. With plans starting at £19.50 per month, and with no joining fee at the moment, we can offer an affordable way to stay on top of your dental hygiene.

These are just some of our top reasons for getting a scale and polish. The more you look after your oral hygiene, the better your overall health will be. Remember, regular check-ups and preventative care don’t just protect your oral health. They also protect against heart disease and other physical health issues too.

Book a scale and polish today to start taking better care of your dental health. To find out more about our Denplan monthly dental treatment plan, give us a call on 0117 905 9866.