Save a smile this new year

Bristol Dentist

As we look forward to the new year – and with it our new year’s resolutions – the Oral Health Foundation is keen to encourage us to donate to the Save a Smile appeal, a charity which aims to help educate and inspire people to take better care of their oral hygiene.

As with all charities, the resources they need, the material they use, the ways in which they can share their messages and advice; all tale time and money to facilitate effectively. And that’s where you come in. Many people haven’t heard of the Save and Smile appeal, so here at Bristol dentist CK Dental we wanted to do our bit to help raise awareness of this worthy cause.

Chief Executive of the Oral Health Foundation Dr Nigel Carter explains that each donation “can help fund some of the programmes, campaigns and resources that provide everyone with the tools they need to properly take care of their oral health.” Dr Carter goes on to explain: “In 2020, we will focus on giving these issues the urgent attention they require to help improve the quality of life for millions. But we cannot do that without you.”

What can your donation help achieve?

Just a modest donation can help the Save a Smile charity produce leaflets and information that can be shared with community groups, educating about how to achieve and maintain a healthy smile. A larger donation enables community outreach care such as home visits to patients suffering from serious oral illness such as mouth cancer or can help produce materials that can be used to educate young people in our schools and colleges. A substantial donation can help the charity provide larger level education for patients in the greatest need, such as the elderly or those who have complicated medical needs and as such, need a different approach to help get these important messages across.

Whatever you feel willing and able to donate, your help will be welcome. And as many of us look to the new year as a way of giving something back after the inevitable excesses of Christmas, we wanted to help spread the word of the good work this charity is doing.