Understanding more about dental implants

Bristol dental implants

Having a missing tooth, or more than one missing tooth, can be problematic in many ways. Not only can it affect confidence and leave people feeling unable or unwilling to smile properly, but it can also affect how people eat and speak as well.

If you are embarrassed by missing, broken or crooked teeth then you may be considering dental implants. Many of us have implants, in fact, they are so discrete that you would probably struggle to notice an implant nesting within someone’s smile.  As such, they are a popular, effective way of fixing some of the unsightly oral issues that some of us are grappling with.

An implant is inserted in place of a missing tooth. The tooth may have fallen out or you may agree with your dentist that it is best to remove a tooth and replace it with an implant. The ‘root’ of the implant is a screw which is fitted directly into the jaw bone and then the implant itself is attached to the screw. It is typically made of titanium, which is one of the strongest, non-corrosive metals. Over time the jaw bone will also grow around the screw, which holds it in place even more firmly. As such, within reason and with the correct care, this is a permanent solution to the problem.

There is plenty of advice that patients will be given by your dentist to help the implants bed in as effectively as possible in the hours following the surgery. There is a special antiseptic mouthwash that patients would need to use initially (morning and night) to ensure that the area remains free from infection. Also, they would be advised to wash with an oral salt bath after meals for the first week or so. Never the nicest thing to do, but salt is extremely effective at

Strong patient satisfaction

Overwhelmingly patients are delighted with implants. They address the aesthetic issue and offer a long-term fix that blends in very effectively with the natural teeth.

If this sounds like the kind of procedure that could help you achieve a more satisfying smile, then get in touch with the team here at CK Dental to talk through the options available to you. Call 0117 905 9866 to arrange a consultation.