The Truth About Teeth

Fantastic programme on BBC 1 last night called The Truth About Your Teeth. It took a look at how the latest scientific breakthroughs can change/help how we look after our teeth.

Teeth Whitening BristolThere were a couple of points that were particularly interesting. The journalists looked at over-the-counter teeth whitening products which have become incredibly popular in recent years. As dentists, we have been aware that these products – despite their promises – are not supported by clinical evidence or research. The programme researchers carried out tests and found that no products actually whitened your teeth.

This was a powerful message as DIY teeth whitening kits are big business in the UK and many consumers think this is the cheap and effective option but, as the programme proved, if you want pearly whites then you need to see a dentist. At our Bristol dental clinic we offer Enlighten, the only product on the market that guarantees a new shade of whiteness.

They also discussed the importance of dental hygiene. They reviewed a number of products on the market, but the outcome was that the best way to protect your teeth is to simply brush twice a day for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste.

Part two next week and we’ll definitely be tuning in.