Think before you drink: the truth about teeth-staining

teeth whitening in BristolHere at CK Dental in Bristol, we get asked many questions by our clients on the subject of teeth whitening – in particular, what food and drink they should be avoiding to keep their teeth as gleaming as possible. So it’s time we had a look at what foods and drinks are the prime offenders – and some that actually help keep your teeth at their best…

The main culprits

Along with black coffee, red wine is the biggest contributor to teeth-staining, but white wine can be just as bad. The red version contains chromogens, which are the source of the all those tooth-discolouring pigments, but it also contains a lot of tannins, which dry out the mouth and cause a sticky mess on the teeth.

And just like red, white wine and rose contain erosive acid, which opens up the door for other foods to stain the teeth.

Hate teeth-staining? Hard cheese

However, there are plenty of foods that can help fend off staining, and they’re not all bland. Strawberries are packed with malic acid, which acts as a natural astringent. Seeds and nuts when chewed act as a natural exfoliant. Apples produce tons of saliva, which wash away bacteria. And harder cheeses boost tooth enamel as well as providing a shot of calcium.

Water is your best friend

…not only for its hydrating benefits, but because it really is the kindest drink for your teeth, for obvious reasons. Even if you refuse to give up black coffee, red wine and all the other food and drinks that can cause staining, a lot of their damage can be washed away with a slug of water immediately afterwards.

Get into the habit of having a glass of water handy when you eat or drink, if only for mouth-rinsing purposes.