Bored of brushing? Why you shouldn’t be

Bristol dentists CK Dental explain why brushing is a mustThis article that popped up on the Glamour website gave everyone here at CK Dental in Bristol a laugh – at first, anyway – as it crystallised a regular complaint we hear from certain clients. Particularly the younger ones.

Yes, spending two minutes in front of a sink twice a day is seen by many as a chore – especially last thing at night – but there’s no getting round it: brushing your teeth regularly is an essential part of your routine and should never – ever – be skipped. Here’s why…

Brushing your teeth prevents tooth decay

An absolute no-brainer, but it can’t be stressed enough. Over the course of the day, your mouth picks up all manner of plaque build-up: brushing is the only way to fend it off. And yes, it has to be for two minutes – scientists have proved that one minute of brushing only gets rid of 60% of plaque.

Brushing your teeth prevents gum disease

This really can’t be stressed highly enough. Remember that your gums are one of the easiest parts of the body for bacteria to invade – and once they’re in, they’re hard to get out. The first symptom of non-brushing is usually gingivitis, which causes gum bleeding, which can lead to periodontitis, which can do even more damage.

Gum disease can lead to even nastier illnesses

Dental and medical experts have drawn a convoluted – yet clear – link between gum disease and heart attacks, strokes and even dementia. This is because the more extreme the gum disease, the more the floodgates open to bacteria, which can then circulate around the body.

This all may sound extreme, but putting aside the obvious benefits of tooth-brushing (it stops your breath from stinking and your teeth from discolouration), there is a clear heath benefit to scrubbing away for a couple of minutes. So don’t skip it!