Two in five athletes report oral health problems

Oral health problems

A new study has found that two out of five athletes suffer with oral health problems that have negatively impacted their lives. While a lot of focus goes into injury prevention, oral health is something that is often forgotten about.

Here, we’ll look at what the study found and the importance of getting oral issues sorted out quickly.

Understanding the latest study

The study, carried out by Sunstar, included 302 athletes. They were asked questions regarding their health, and 40% revealed they were concerned about their oral health.

Around 55% of athletes stated they had dental cavities, 76% had periodontal disease, and 45% suffered with dental erosion. Interestingly, the study also revealed the impact oral health issues can have on athletes. As well as impacting overall health and wellness, oral troubles can impact performance. Those with a tooth infection were more likely to perform badly or have to pull out of sporting competitions completely.

The cause of oral health problems in athletes is said to be linked to their high-sugar diets. They consume a lot of sugary snacks and energy drinks which can be detrimental for the teeth.

Why treat oral health problems quickly

Due to the impact oral health issues can have on performance, as well as your health, getting them sorted quickly is crucial. This is especially true in the case of infections.

Tooth infections can spread to other areas if they are left untreated. They can also cause significant pain that can be difficult to treat with standard pain medication. Ignoring an infection or abscess could:

  • Cause infection within the surrounding bone
  • Lead to tooth loss
  • Cause an infection of the sinuses and soft tissue
  • Lead to an abscess on the brain
  • Cause septicaemia

Each of the issues above can be serious, with some proving to be life threatening. So, how can you tell if you have a tooth infection that is spreading to other areas of the body?

Symptoms of a tooth infection to watch out for

If you want to catch a tooth infection quickly, it’s important to know what symptoms to look out for. Pain in the mouth or tongue, swelling in the face, cheeks, and neck, and nausea can all point towards an infection.

You may also experience double vision, a fever, vomiting, confusion, and difficulty breathing. At the first sign of any infection, you should seek treatment as quickly as possible.

How are tooth infections treated?

Tooth infections can be treated in a number of ways. It depends upon the severity of the infection and how early it has been caught. Antibiotics alone may be effective for mild infections. However, if the infection is severe, a root canal treatment may be required.

Root canal treatments are very successful in removing tooth infection. And they are done using a local anaesthetic, so should feel no different to having a regular filling. There are other options available at CK Dental for very nervous patients.

If you suspect you have a tooth or gum infection, book a consultation with CK Dental today. The earlier you catch an infection, the easier it will be to treat. By having regular check-ups, we can help you to identify any potential oral health issues quickly.