What’s in a Smile?

Bristol-Magazine---June-2014A great smile can make us appear more attractive, lift our mood, give us more confidence and, according to scientific research, even extend our lifespan.

Smiles are credited with increasing a person’s popularity and credibility, improving social connections and, even positively impacting career success. Furthermore, the website for National Smile Month reveals that a ‘smile’ comes top of the things we notice first when meeting a new person and is the most important physical attribute when it comes to finding a person attractive. With all this in mind, it’s perhaps not surprising that so many of us value our smile so highly and yet one in ten adults admit they regularly forget to brush their teeth and nearly half of us are unhappy with our grin.

Mr Cornelius Krause is the founder and lead Dentist at CK Dental based at Nuffield Health Bristol Hospital –The Chesterfield in Clifton. He has over 10 years’ experience and has worked with internationally renowned dentists to develop his passion and skills for minimally invasive and cosmetic dentistry.

“Not being happy with your smile can make you feel very self-conscious and have a surprisingly detrimental impact on your life. From simple things like not wanting to appear in photographs to more deep-rooted issues around being comfortable in public, a person’s smile can’t be underestimated. The thing I enjoy most about my job is that I get to give people the smile they’ve always wanted,” said Mr Krause.

More than half of us think Brits have bad teeth but many adults are put off from having corrective treatments such as crowns, implants and teeth straightening because they are concerned the finished result won’t look natural or because they think the treatment process, such as wearing braces, will be embarrassing.

“Advances in technology mean that adults can now achieve a perfect smile with little inconvenience and at a reasonable price. Dentists no longer have to rely on metal work for a variety of cosmetic treatments, meaning we can blend the appearance of crowns, bridges and implants seamlessly with a patient’s existing teeth. Gone are the days of badly matched, patchwork teeth.

“One of the most exciting developments in cosmetic dentistry though is the introduction of Invisalisgn, a practically invisible alternative to traditional braces. Many adults dream of ditching their crooked teeth for a Hollywood smile but can’t bear the thought of the train-track style braces they remember from their teens. Invisalign is the perfect solution and works through a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners. Treatment times are similar or sometimes faster than regular braces and the fact that the aligners can be removed when eating means they don’t disrupt your lifestyle,” said Mr Krause.

“At The Chesterfield we treat every patient as an individual, tailor- making our treatment plan to take into account their age, lifestyle, budget and desired outcome. I would definitely urge anyone who has been considering cosmetic dentistry for a while and who wants to know more to attend our free event on Tuesday 8 July at 6.30pm. It’s never too late for a straight smile!” added Mr Krause.

“What’s in a Smile?” appeared in the June 2014 issue of Bristol Magazine