Worried about your metal fillings?

Bristol dental practice looks at the dangers of metal fillingsHere at CK Dental in Bristol, we’ve been taking notice of a recent study released this month which claims to draw a link between metal fillings and mercury exposure.

According to American scientists who studied data from 15,000 patients, there’s a correlation between an excessive amount of metal fillings and the raising of blood mercury levels, which can increase the risk of brain, heart and kidney ailments.

This is pretty alarming for Americans, but even worse for us Brits, who are noted for having poorer dental health. Over a million children under the age of five already have at least two fillings, while the average British adult has seven fillings – and according to the compilers of the report, having more than eight puts you at risk.

Why are metal fillings a potential danger?

Metal fillings – otherwise known as dental amalgam – contain a mixture of liquid silver, tin, copper and mercury, which then hardens. It’s been used by dentists since the 19th century, but the fourth of those ingredients – mercury – makes up 50% of the formula, and has always been seen as a worry.

Health authorities have always stressed that dental amalgam is safe, but they don’t completely recommend it for pregnant women or the very young.

Luckily, here at CK Dental in Bristol, we take full advantage of the very latest filling materials which are metal and mercury-free. Not only that, but it is deployed and fitted in a natural-looking colour, and the service is now available at an affordable rate.

If in doubt, talk to us

So, if you’re worried about the state of your fillings, our advice is: don’t panic. If you do have a mouth full of metal and would like a more natural look, come and see us for a consultation to find out how we can help.