October 2016

Don’t let your kids’ milk teeth go sour

We see a lot of parents with very young children here at CK Dental in Bristol, and that’s a very good thing – it’s never too early to get your children into good dental habits. But one thing we’re concerned about is how certain parents see milk teeth as a trial run, with little consequence Read More

Think before you drink: the truth about teeth-staining

Here at CK Dental in Bristol, we get asked many questions by our clients on the subject of teeth whitening – in particular, what food and drink they should be avoiding to keep their teeth as gleaming as possible. So it’s time we had a look at what foods and drinks are the prime offenders Read More

Bored of brushing? Why you shouldn’t be

This article that popped up on the Glamour website gave everyone here at CK Dental in Bristol a laugh – at first, anyway – as it crystallised a regular complaint we hear from certain clients. Particularly the younger ones. Yes, spending two minutes in front of a sink twice a day is seen by many Read More

Worried about your metal fillings?

Here at CK Dental in Bristol, we’ve been taking notice of a recent study released this month which claims to draw a link between metal fillings and mercury exposure. According to American scientists who studied data from 15,000 patients, there’s a correlation between an excessive amount of metal fillings and the raising of blood mercury Read More

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